Women’s training for self-defense

You will get fit, lose weight and learn Kickboxing faster when you train one-on-one with your Kickboxing Personal Trainer Gold Coast because he or she can give you 100% attention, all of the time. Train for Muay Thai, self-defense, fitness, weight loss or any other goals you have. Your Personal Trainer will custom make the perfect workout around you and your goals.

As well as being a Kickboxing Gym we’re the largest Gold Coast Personal Training Studio. We are open from 5am until 9pm so if our class times don’t suit you, getting a Personal Trainer is a great idea. If you’re doing Personal Training with a friend or two you can even spilt the cost of Personal Training, so it’s a similar price to our classes.

Personal Training means we can custom make the session around any of your goals such as:

  • Self defence and confidence for school kids of all ages
  • Self defence for men and women in all situations
  • The challenge and excitement of learning a new skill
  • A new and exciting way to lose weight and get fit
  • One on one or split the cost with a friend
  • Our professional Gym or anywhere you like on the Gold Coast

Give us a ring now on 0411228633 to find out how we can help you achieve your goals

We’ll look forward to training you soon!

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