Functional Fitness Training that Challenges and Shapes your Whole Body!

Our purpose-built functional fitness gym gives you a workout like no other. If you’re still doing the same old fitness training day after day, or if you’re simply not getting the motivation you need at your gym, it’s time to push yourself to a new level.

We offer small group fitness sessions that you can’t get elsewhere. Sessions that will challenge you and change the shape of your body. Our highly skilled Personal Trainers are the experts in all aspects of functional exercise – and because we keep our training groups small, you get personalised attention every step of the way.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. So it’s time to think outside the box and take your fitness to a whole new level with dynamic functional fitness training. You’re in good hands with us – we are the ONLY Personal Trainers on the Gold Coast to receive the Fitness Australia Gold Award.

Call us now to book your free session and come and see how we’ve redefined fitness.

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Functional Fitness Group Personal Training

Functional Fitness Group Personal Training

How is functional training different from what I get at my normal gym?

Our sessions have evolved far beyond what a Gym can offer you. Each session is packed full of a variety of functional training exercises with each one customised around your small group. If your technique isn’t up to scratch, your trainer will work with you until you get it right.

If you like plodding along and having people ignore you when you get slack, go join a Gym. If you want to develop your training using stable and predictable routines and equipment, stick with your gym. But if you want real results from every session and Trainers who will get the best out of you whenever you exercise, then our functional training sessions are for you. Book your free session now and come and see the difference we can make!


What’s so good about group Personal Training?

There is no doubt that when you work with a qualified trainer, you work harder and smarter than when you train on your own. For many people though, the cost of a Personal Trainer even once a week is simply too expensive. But with small group personal training you get all of the benefits for a fraction of the cost. Working in a small group is fun and motivational, and will also get your competitive nature fired up – all elements that will see your fitness level improve in leaps and bounds. Your group Personal Trainer will make sure you are working at your best and will also ensure that your technique is perfect.


What’s so special about Fitness Enhancement?

At Fitness Enhancement we really know training and all of our Personal Trainers are highly qualified with years of experience behind them. We’ve been in business for 15 years and are the only Personal Trainers on the Gold Coast to ever receive the prestigious Fitness Australia Gold Award. Come down and see the difference for yourself!


Cross Fitness Training

Cross Fitness Training

What does it cost?

You get UNLIMITED small group Personal Training sessions for just $30 per week, payable fortnightly. Or if you prefer to keep things more informal, our casual sessions are available for $20. So if you train three times a week that equates to only $10 a session! This really is great value when you consider that our one on one Personal Training costs $65 to $80 per hour, and the likes of CrossFit cost $50 a week

Our joining fee is $99 but for a limited time we are waiving the joining fee AND we’re also giving you a free pair of Boxing gloves! There’s no lock in contracts with us, just an 8 week minimum term and after that if you decide it’s not for you then you can cancel whenever you like. But hurry – this offer is only available to the next 20 people who join. Just give us a call on 1800 PT for U to make a time to come down for a chat or book your free session here.


How long does each session last?

Each session is 50 minutes, they typically start a 5 past the hour and finish at 5 to the hour in order to ensure you have a bit of warm up and cool down time – so allow an hour for your session.


What can I expect from each session?

The sky is the limit! Our sessions are very varied – expect anything and everything that will get you results and give you a new challenge each and every week!

Check out our video at the top of this page of our Kickboxing Circuits. Our small group Training sessions have a little bit of this in it and a whole lot more including Kettle Bells, ropes, gymnastics rings, Olympic lifting, box jumps, machine weights, free weights, agility work, spin bikes, running, fit balls, boxing, kickboxing and a whole lot more.

All sessions are totally non contact – we will push you in our functional fitness class with some kickboxing thrown in but it is not a Martial Arts class.


Small Groups for personal attentionHow many people will be in each session?

Small group Personal Training sessions are rarely over 6 people, and some sessions only have 2 or 3 people in them. Our Kickboxing Boot Camps (which are included in your unlimited $30 per week cost) are a little bigger but still typically under 12 people. The group size usually depends on the time of day (early mornings and after work tend to be popular times). We constantly monitor session sizes and add more sessions as needed. The main focus for us is that the group sizes are kept small so we can give personal attention to every participant.


How do I get started?

It’s easy – just give us a call on 1800 PT for U (1800 783 678) to make a time to come on down for a one on one free consultation about how we can help you get in the best shape of your life. It’s best to call or make a time to chat to one of our Trainers. We’re not a Gym that gives you the hard sell, we only have Trainers who are focused on your goals, so it’s a good idea to call to check we’re not all with clients when you come in.


Is this just another group exercise class?

No way! This is not one of those boring and repetitive sessions where you’re just another number. For starters, our sessions are the size of a Personal Training group, not the size of the typical Gym class. At our sessions, you will train your whole body and each session will be different from the last – adding variety to your training sessions means your body doesn’t get conditioned to expect the same thing time after time. When you start giving your body a shock by getting outside of your normal routine with functional training, you will see changes start to happen quickly.


I’m not fit, is this type of training for me?

Absolutely it is! Our Trainers are all qualified, professional and experienced with all ages, sizes and limitations. Small groups mean we can give each member individual attention and ensure that the exercises they do suit their own fitness level.


Is this CrossFit?

No we’re not CrossFit, we think outside the Box! Of course we use some of the same tools that any awesome functional training Gym uses such as Kettle Bells, ropes, gymnastics rings, Olympic lifting, boxes and more. But we don’t stop there – because we are also a real Gym we have all the weights gear that you would expect, along with boxing bags and more.

We like you to exercise in comfort so our gym is fully air-conditioned, unlike many of the Crossfit gyms where you have to train in the heat. Most importantly, training cause serious injury if not done correctly – we put your safety first by ditching the high risk exercises typical of Crossfit, while still maintain a high intensity workout that gets you results!


Is this Boot Camp?

There are some similarities to Boot Camp with some of our exercises, but as we are a professional Gym you also get all the equipment you miss out on with outdoor group sessions. You’ll train harder than at a typical Boot Camp, but in a little more comfort – we have air-conditioning, you’ll never get rained on and you won’t spend a week getting the sand out!


Do you have a Gym as well?

We have all the Gym gear you need, but we are not an open Gym where you can come and do your own thing. We know that hour after hour of the same routine doesn’t get results, but if that’s what you’re after then stick with your current gym.

But if you’re ready for a change, if you want every training session to really count, then call us on 1800 PT for U or book your free session now so you can see for yourself the difference that small group Personal Training sessions will make.


How many sessions per week are available?

We’re open from first thing to late and currently have 15 small group sessions per week. We are constantly adding to this number based on demand though, and when you join the first thing we will find out from you is when your ideal training times would be. Ultimately, our goal is for you to train as many times as needed, at the times that suit you, to get you the results you deserve.  The best thing to do is call us to check if we have the times you want available.


I don’t like crowds or spectators

Everyone that comes to our gym is there to train with a Personal Trainer, either as part of a small group, or in a one-on-one session. We don’t do crowds, and our members are too busy working with their trainer to have the time or the energy to check out what anyone else is doing. And if your trainer thinks you have time to stare at other members, you can be sure they will find something useful for you to do instead!


How much fitter and skinnier can this get me?

Ultimately the results you get depend on what you put in but our trainers are there to make sure you give your best in each and every training session. Our best success story is a member who lost over 100kg by joining us, working hard with her trainer and sticking to our programme! That’s just one story, but we’ve had countless people tell us their lives have changed because of our functional fitness training sessions.


Do you offer nutritional advice?

Absolutely we do – when you sign up we provide you with a free online food and exercise diary to get you started.


Do you also offer one-on-one Personal Training?

Yes, you can choose from 30 minutes with prices ranging from $39 to $49 per session, or 60 minutes $65 to $80 per session depending on the package you buy. One-on-one Personal training is very effective but can be costly – which is why unlimited small group Personal Training for $30 a week is so popular!

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